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Custom Fit

How to get the best lead apron fit possible


Lead Aprons Made to Order — Just for You!

Properly worn, a lead apron can protect up to 80% of the active blood-forming organs in the body. But it all starts with a proper fit — one that optimizes protection while maximizing comfort and mobility. When purchasing a Lead Apron from Pulse, you have three options:

  1. Order online using our standard sizes.
  2. Call a Customer Service Representative to order a custom-tailored lead apron.
  3. Request an in-person fitting from one of our knowledgeable in-the-field Sales Representatives.

If you’d like to order online or just see what styles and options are available, click here to go to our Lead Apron shop. You can also download a Custom Fit Guide here and then call Customer Service at 800-342-5973 x1382 or 706-632-1370 x1382.

To request an in-person fitting, please complete the form below. We’ll ask the nearest Sales Rep to follow up and contact you directly.


Custom Apron Fitting Contact Form

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