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Lead Aprons

Don’t settle for heavy, drab and shapeless!

The Perfect Blend of Style, Comfort and Safety.

A well-fitted lead apron is the bedrock of radiation protection, guarding you from both direct beam and scatter radiation. And selecting the perfect Pulse protective garment is simple!

Full Protection Lead Aprons shield your core torso when excessive amounts of scatter radiation may hit you in the front and back — for example, during extended cardiac cath or when turning your back to the beam during fluoroscopy.

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Front Protection Lead Aprons fit the bill when scatter radiation to the back is less of a concern — but weight and mobility are important. Front-only protection might be indicated when additional shielding is in place or you’re handling quick cases.

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Economy Lead Aprons offer the same proven protection at the best value. You get all the comfort and style, but we keep costs down by offering a more-limited selection of fabrics and colors.

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