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Fog Buster 2-Step System


Whether you’re riding a Harley, playing goalie for the Rangers or performing surgery, this is NOT the time for obstructed vision!

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to see due to fogged lenses. Not only are fogged lenses frustrating, but they can be potentially dangerous. Reduced visibility is an obvious problem, but so is the nagging urge to constantly remove your radiation protection eyewear. By removing your X-ray glasses to wipe away the fog or to just sneak a quick unobstructed view, you’re exposing your eyes to potential impact hazards.

Fog Buster towelettes prevent lens fogging for hours or days, depending on application. Goes on clear, stays clear. Includes 60 applications.


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  • Package contains 60 packets of the 2-Step Fog Buster System
  • Two-step system: Pre-moistened cleansing towelette and buffing cloth
  • Cleans and protects eyewear lenses
  • Safe and effective — will not scratch valuable radiation and laser safety lenses
  • Prevents lens fogging for hours or days, depending on application
  • Goes on clear, stays on clear
  • Not recommended for anti-reflective lenses